Create a Solid Infrastructure With Structured Cabling

All of your communications rely on cabling, so it’s absolutely necessary to ensure yours is flexible and well organized. Point-to-point cabling, or a poorly installed structured cabling infrastructure, has many risks. Mistakes are commonly made due to the unorganized nature of these systems, resulting in undue downtime; airflow is inhibited, leading to congestion and crushed cables; and MAC’s (Moves, Adds, and Changes) are slow and difficult, creating unnecessarily high costs.

Absolute Technologies, LLC specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems — standard and fiber optic — for both new buildings and tenant improvements. We understand how critically important communications are to your business’s success, so we always make your needs our first priority. Our skill and expertise gives us the knowledge necessary to create a cabling system that maximizes power, reduces bulk, and accommodates future upgrades.


Standard Cabling Systems

  • Data Center / Server Room Design and Installation
  • Coax (RG-6, RG-59, and RG-11)
  • MAC Work
  • Copper Backbone
  • Cable Testing
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Cellular Enhancement
  • Directional Boring
  • Wireless Site Surveys


Fiber Optic Systems

  • Fiber Optic Cabling (Singlemode, Multimode, and Airblown)
  • Fiber Optic Termination (SC, ST, LC, MTRJ)
  • Fiber Mechanical Splicing
  • Fiber Fusion Splicing
  • Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD)
  • Fiber Interconnection of Units and Shelves
  • Fiber Optic Cable Repair Services
  • Fiber Testing and Certification

Related Services

A sound communications system begins with structured cabling but is comprised of many other components. Absolute Technologies, LLC specializes in all the elements of such a system, making your life easier by consolidating all of your communications in one place. If you’re considering a new structured cabling system, take a look at some of our other services.

Data Solutions

Connect your business with the rest of the world with a high quality data network.

Voice Solutions

Tired of only hearing bits and pieces of your conversations? Invest in a superior phone system.

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